The greetings of the authorities

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We publish on this page the greetings received from the authorities that sponsor and / or contribute to the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival.

From the president of the Veneto Region
Cinema is an artistic expression. This is what Francesco Pasinetti maintained in his graduation thesis entitled “The artistic reality of cinema. History and critique”. Since that first dissertation, we have come really far and cinema has established its autonomy from other artistic forms. Cinematographic festivals such as Vittorio Veneto Film Festival express and reaffirm the value of quality cinema. The Festival – this year at its 9th edition – has become a traditional appointment of great cultural significance. It offers high-quality cinema but also educational workshops, such as the daily newsreel. The main innovative feature of this international Festival is the involvement of kids and teens in the jury panel. Their task is to judge with impartiality and sensibility the films in the competition, paying particular attention to the themes and issues
they present. For young people the event represents a chance of personal growth, an intense creative training and the opportunity to learn the language of the “seventh art”. It is a productive moment, to which everyone can contribute in order to spread our culture. I believe that this context also permits to reflect on the Centenary of the Great War. The city of Vittorio Veneto is the symbol par excellence of many tragic events of our recent history: a warning for our future generations not to forget their past. I want to thank all the organizers, promoters and the many volunteers, who are the strength and passion of this festival. This event has also become a mean to promote tourism in our region, a territory deeply rooted in its tradition, rich of stunning landscapes, as well as cultural and artistic treasures. So do not hesitate and take the time to come to the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival! You will get the chance to meet directors, actors and technicians for a unique and unforgettable experience.
I wish all the best to the juror panel and I friendly greet you all!

Luca Zaia
President of Veneto Region


From Regional Councillor of Culture and Entertainment Veneto Region

The Vittorio Veneto Film Festival, now in its ninth edition, continues to stand out for its attention to the world of childhood and adolescence and is one of the most interesting events in the field of film art in the Veneto. A Festival to which the Veneto Region has always looked with great attention above all for its international character and its proposal to the public with enthusiasm and competence. Greetings and compliments to the Association of Vittorio Veneto 400 shots for the ability planning, professionalism, commitment and emotions that continue to make us live and relive with this Festival. The Vittorio Veneto Film Festival is an integral part of this Veneto, a land of art, culture, history, a place of tradition and innovation. A project that demonstrates how the vision of a cinematographic work, representing, in particular for the youngest, in addition to an artistic experience, also an opportunity for personal growth. A fascinating cultural activity, a visual occasion of fun and entertainment, to which is added the value of the didactic and pedagogical aspect.
Good work and good vision to all of you.

Cristiano Corazzari
Regional Councillor of Culture and Entertainment Veneto Region



From Mayor of Vittorio Veneto

In the rich panorama of events for the Centenary of the conclusion of the Great War, the now traditional appointment with the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival, which reaches its ninth edition, could not miss: we are delighted that the theme of the festival is centered precisely on this important anniversary, that our city wants to live under the banner “when peace breaks out”. The space that the VVFILMF is cutting out in the world of international film for children is all about, and for our city it is therefore an honor and a pleasure to be able to host and give it its name. A festival that sees young people and new generations as protagonists facing the new languages of cinema. In particular, the participation of schools in the projections and workshops is certainly a good way to make the city participate in this event and an opportunity for young people to get in touch with a very special world. Numerous guests and personalities from the world of cinema will be coming this year to Vittorio Veneto on the occasion of the VVFILMF: in my personal name and in the whole city, I address them and all the non-victorious participants, in particular foreigners. warm welcome, with the wish of a happy stay in the city. To the competing films, the wish is that participation in this festival is still an important moment. The organizers thank them for the tenacity that distinguishes them each year in the preparation of this event, with a sincere “good luck” for this edition of the Centenary. And to the city, the invitation to seize this beautiful opportunity to live four days in close contact with the fascinating world of cinema.

Roberto Tonon
Mayor of Vittorio Veneto