Poesia e melodia

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Title: Poesia e melodia
Director: Flavio Colombini
Country of production: Brazil
Production year: 2017
Run-Time of the Movie: 97′
A poet and a singer get together to create funny poems and songs for children.
They strive to publish their work and to spread joy to all the children they meet.
In the meantime, they get involved in great adventures and introduce many children to the wonderful world of poetry.
Flavio Colombini
Flavio Colombini is a filmmaker from São Paulo, Brazil.
He directed short films, music videos and two “no budget” features: The documentary “Fight Like a Girl” (2016) and the children’s musical “Poetry & Melody”(2017).
The film was selected by 16 film festivals in 13 different countries and won 6 prizes: “Best National Feature” at Overcome Film Festival, Best Soundtrack at Omichka International Film Festival, Best Actor and Best Soundtrack at FestCine Maracanaú, Most Attendance Film Award at iChill Manila International Film Fest and get 2nd Place as Best Feature Fiction at 12 Months Film Festival.
Flavio is also a children’s book writer, with 19 books published.