Title: Para’i
Director: Vinicius Toro
Country of production: Brazil
Production year: 2017
Run-Time of the Movie: 82′
Para’í tells the story of a Guarani girl who, by chance, finds a traditional cob of Guarani corn, which she had never seen before.
She is fascinated by the beauty of multicolored seeds.
During his quest to plant corn seeds, Para’i begins to question his place in the world.
Para’i organizes a travel to his grandfather’s village, where they are fighting to get a more protected area of the forest.
Vinicius Toro
Vinicius Toro graduated in Audiovisual at the USP, where he made some monographs, giving life to the film “Weekend of Yes”, which has participated in numerous festivals throughout the country.
Since then he has been involved in several projects in which cinema has been a bridge to meet other worlds: the world of children, the suburbs of the city, the small cities of the interior.
He made the film “Hasta Onde”, winner of many international awards.
Vinicius has worked and lived in traditional villages in recent years, learning the culture and creating artistic works: documentaries, photographic exhibitions, books, culminating in the film “Para’i”.