L’assoluto presente

Title: L’assoluto presente
Director: Fabio Martina
Country of production: Italy
Production year: 2017
Run-Time of the Movie: 82′
The film, set and filmed in Milan today, is the story of three boys in their twenties, Cosimo, Riccardino and Giovanni. On an SUV, they travel through the deserted streets of the city center. Suddenly the car stops near a park, they descend and attack a seemingly unknown passerby, in which they accidentally stumbled.
Fabio Martina
Fabio Martina is author and director of documentaries and films.
After graduating in philosophy, attending the Milan Film School and a long collaboration with Rai, signs and produces audiovisuals.
He teaches cinema at the State University of Milan and television language at the Milan Film School.
Member of the “100 authors” association, he has dealt with social, ethical and philosophical issues in his work.
In 2003 his first work, “Clochard si nasce”; then, in 2006, “A due calci dal paradiso”, a film set in the Quarto Oggiaro district of Milan.
Finally, the documentary “Che cos’è l’amore” (2015) is a half-way between representation of reality and poetic re-elaboration.
“L’assoluto presente” is his second fiction film.