La bola dorada

Title: La bola dorada
Director: Aitor Aspe
Country of production: Spain
Production year: 2017
Run-Time of the Movie: 77′
Bea is a seven-year-old girl, shy and a little bit clumsy.
Her classmates tend to ignore and make fun of her, so she often retreats into her imagination.
Maybe that’s why her only friends are Theo and Sophie, the famous presenters of the Saturday TV show.
One day, however, everything changes.
A very valuable coin her father, a coin expert, was looking after, suddenly disappears from the family home.
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time she immediately falls under suspicion.
Unable to prove her innocence, she takes shelter in an imaginary world and is transported by the magic of her favourite TV programme to the other side of the screen.
There she learns how much she loves her family and the huge trouble they are all in, and so convinces Theo and Sophie to help her find the coin, without realising that the crossing between the two worlds will change everything: her, her family, her classmates and friends.
Aitor Aspe
Aitor Aspe
Aitor Aspe studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Navarra, winning a scholarship for academic excellence. He combined his studies with an intensive digital photography course from the New York Film Academy in Bilbao.
“Last Smile”, a short film that won a 2009 competition held by the RTVE program “En Construcción” was selected for several European film festivals.
The experience with Lavinia led him to work as a freelance on various images for the documentary “To the Sky” (El Toro Pictures) and to direct, edit and film all the special effects for the short “Vecinos” (Trovídeo SA), for the which was awarded with platinum Remi at the 43rd International Houston Festival.
After a period he became a publisher, motion-grapher and supervisor of Dar TV, a television channel financed by American and Spanish partners.
He wrote and co-directed the short film “Mi Lucha”, which was nominated for a Goya and an Oscar.
In 2013, together with two partners, he founded the audiovisual production company Old Port Films S.L. and produced the documentary on “Baskavígin”, selected for the San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2016.