Au Pays Des Merveilles

Title: Au Pays Des Merveilles
Director: Jihane El Bahhar
Country of production: Morocco
Production year: 2017
Run-Time of the Movie: 110′
Leila Laabidi is a bourgeois who lives in luxury in the shadow of a rich husband. When he dies in a remote village, Leila find herself compelled to bring his remains to hometown. Abderrahim Boukal, her driver who dreams of entering the police and who used to take care of the transports of the dead during his free time, accompanies her on the journey.
The whole trip will be difficult. Boukal brings with him two members of his family: Aicha, a popular music singer and Hassan, a violinist who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder.
All together they will face many comic situations, but it is the destination itself that is likely to give problems.
Jihane El Bahhar
“Au pays des merveilles” is a crucial passage in the path of Jihane El Bahhar.
El Bahhar, laureate of the audiovisual section of the Ibn mssik faculty in Casablanca, has participated in the production of screenplays for several sitcoms: “Lalla Fatima”, “Dar oumi Hania” through “yak Hna Jirane” before devoting herself to writing tele-film (“had sadaqua” by Adil Fdili, “Juste pour les couples” by Hassan Benjelloun) and movies, including “Femmes en miroirs” by Saad Chraibi.
After several master classes in Morocco and abroad and in the main productions of the film industry, Jihane El Bahhar has created her first short film “shift + sup”, which has been awarded in several national festivals and the Best Screenplay Award in the eighth edition of the Beirut International Film Festival.
The film “l’âme perdue” will be a distinctive mark of the portfolio of the director after winning the prize of criticism for best screenplay in the Tangier film festival.
The short film “Dernier chapitre” has shown the promising genius of the young director, creating much expectation of the public and critics for her film debut.
After three years of work, Jihane El Bahhar gives an appointment to the spectators, for the discovery of his last work “Au pays des merveilles”.