I nostri ragazzi

Title: I nostri ragazzi
Director: Ivano De Matteo
Country of production: Italy
Production year: 2014
Run-Time of the Movie: 92′
Two brothers, who have opposite characters and make opposite life choices: Massimo is a trendy lawyer and Paolo is a paediatrician, their wives are constantly in con ict. They have been meeting once a month for many years in a luxury restaurant just to respect a tradition. Their conversation is always inconsistent: salted anchovies with ricotta and fried vegetables, the
most recent French lm to come out, the fruity scent of a wine, the latest corrupt politician. But one evening
a security camera lms a bravado of heir respective children and the family’s balance is utterly shattered.
Ivano De Matteo
De Matteo formed as an actor in the drama laboratory “Il Mulino di Fiora”, and later formed a stage company together with his romantic partner and longtime collaborator Valentina Ferlan.
He made his lm debut in Pasquale Pozzessere’s Verso Sud. As an actor, he had his breakout in 2008, with the role of Er Puma in the TV-series Romanzo criminale – La serie. The same year, he won the Nastro d’Argento for best actor in a short lm for his performance in Giorgio Caputo’s Action.