The jury of kids and teens

The five-day experience that we offer to schools, universities and young people in general continues and integrates their ordinary scholastic activity and can be the starting point for future lessons focused on the cinematographic language. The project involves directly the teachers both before and after the festival. The VVFILMF helps them in the preparation and reworking by arranging multimedia contents and meetings throughout the year. In this way, we enable young people to cultivate their interests and predispositions. The festival is in all respects an occasion to come together, to develop the potential for artistic expression among young people, to increase the exchange between students from different environments and to encourage them to play a leading role in their personal growth.

The young 1.500 jury members of the VVFILMF come from Italy as well as from abroad. During the Festival, they will attend the screenings of 20 international movies. The national premieres will be shown in their original version with Italian subtitles, or will be dubbed using over sound. The Festival targets young people aged between 6 and 25 years old. Since the age range is quite broad and characterized by various needs, the Festival is organized into six different and independent sections. The participants will be selected among different institutes in both Italy and Europe and the selection criteria will include not merely academic performances but also their the level of interest and predisposition for artistic activities.

All the movies in the competition are at their first release in Italy and are directed by contemporary filmmakers coming from Italy, as well as European and non-European countries. They are selected by a specific committee of experts in order to offer a comprehensive overview of culturally relevant film productions on both a national and international level. This guarantees a high-quality choice, which follows the criteria of the European Community Green Card. The screening of every feature film will be followed by a discussion with the authors and specifically selected experts of animation. The jury members shall always be present during the screening days and, on the Final Award Evening, every single age group will award the “VVFILMF Prize” to the best movie.

The different age groups that compose the young jury take their names from the pre-Alpine peaks surrounding the town of Vittorio Veneto:

  • +PICCOLI: three screenings of both shorts and feature films for 200 children between 5 and 6 years old (Primary School, 1st and 2nd grades)
  • AUGUSTA: three movies for 300 children between 7 and 10 years old (Primary School, from 3rd to 5th grade)
  • MONTE BALDO: four movies for 200 children between 11 and 13 years old (Middle School, from the 1st to the 3rd grade)
  • PIZZOC: four movies for 200 teens between 13 and 16 years old (High-School, 1st and 2nd grades)
  • VISENTIN: four movies for 300 teens and young adults between 17 and 25 (High-School, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades + University students)

The Jury of “+Alti” (adults)

The fifth edition of the Festival has begun a new experiment, which include the participation of one hundred adults from Italy and abroad, who will see three international films that will be screened during the festival nights of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
The category “+Alti” born to allow the aggregation and circulation of ideas and feelings between adults, first educators, among the younger generations. At this way, Vittorio Veneto Film Festival given the opportunity to participate as jurors also to all those people with an age between 26 to 100 years old.

In the same way for the jury of kids and teens, even the members of the Jury +Alti will attend the festival programmed evenings, proclaiming the best movie and attributing the “vvfilmf +Alti” Award, which will be confer to the winner during the evening of the Final Award.