Operarea aims to be an actual “laboratory of ideas”, an education centre with new, precise and long-term projects in order to enable young people to express themselves, exchange their opinions and bring their passions and inclinations into focus. In doing this, they acquire flexibility, ability to cooperate and a more productive attitude towards their future.

The Association 400 Colpi, together with Vittorio Veneto Film Festival, has been working in the world of youth for seven years. With its activities throughout the year, the association tries to provide a response to the increasingly urgent demands of all young people it has encountered and continues to encounter every day.

From this concept originated “Operarea – study area of the vvfilmf”, a space dedicated to the creativity of young people. Numerous workshops on visual and multimedia communication, events and research groups promote long-lasting synergies and collaborations between the youth and both public and private bodies.

Operarea is therefore the ideal meeting place for different fields of knowledge and for the mutual exchange of ideas. It also establishes an original educational strategy that keeps sight of the audio-visual and film production. At the same time, it is a dynamic centre of research that effectively employs resources, creativity and originality.

Thanks to a step-by-step project, the participants acquire awareness of the surrounding space and become increasingly familiar with technology.

To observe, imagine, depict, create, define and realize. All these actions train young generations to be more responsible of their tasks. Concrete experiences and a “learning-by-doing” approach become necessary in order to direct creative energy towards specific codes, create alternative forms of expression and expand the participant’s cultural background. Due to the rapid evolution of the new media, a multidisciplinary approach featuring different artistic techniques and skills from various sectors is fundamental.

In Operarea, creativity is the result of cooperation. Projects such as the realization of videos, graphic layouts and virtual languages help to master new technologies. According to its creators, “Operarea will help young people to test their ability and to conceive, design and present a competitive project”, developing “high-level expertise and critical thinking”.

info and contacts

contact person: Elisa Marchesini
telefono: +39 3383544515
e-mail: operarea@gmail.com