When and where will the next edition of Vittorio Veneto Film Festival take place?
The 8th edition of the festival will take place in the charming district Serravalle of Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) from 2nd to 6th May 2017.

Which films will be presented during the next vvfilmf?
Check the section “Selected films” and the screening schedule.

Which categories comprise the vvfilmf programme?
The main categories will be: +Piccoli, St. Augusta, Monte Baldo, Monte Pizzoc, Monte Visentin and +Alti.

Which screenings are open for the audience?
Specific instructions to access the screenings will be given on the daily programme of the festival. Some screenings are reserved for the accredited participants.

How can I buy tickets and subscriptions?
Check the section “Get Tickets”.

Is the vvfilmf a competitive Festival?
The international juries of the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival will award the Prize to the best movie of each category, in accordance with the official regulations.

What are the pre-requisite to submit a film?
Any production or distribution companies as well as directors can submit their film for the selection, provided that they are legally entitled to do so and they respect the participation rules.

What is the submission deadline?
All the films submitted to selection shall arrive by 31st October 2016, following the instructions provided under the section Participation Rules.

Do you require subtitles or dubbing?
All selected films shall be in their original version. The vvfilmf will accept dubbed films only for the categories +Piccoli, St. Augusta and Monte Baldo. Foreign-language films shall include Italian subtitles and Italian movies shall feature English subtitles.

Will the press view the films selected for the vvfilmf?
Journalists, film critics, radio and TV reporters have the privilege to access the screenings. The films appeal a worldwide audience and the Festival is therefore a showcase for both new directors and already prominent personalities.

How can I get accreditation?
The vvfilmf allows the jurors and the cinema operators to apply for accreditation according to their activity. There are 5 types of accreditation: Press, Industry, Film Delegation, Jury and Cinema. The accreditation will be issued according to the procedures and is subject to availability. For further information check the section Accreditation.

Other questions?
Write to info@vittoriofilmfestival.com and check our original website www.vittoriofilmfestival.com to be constantly updated with the latest news.